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Digital developments within the fitness industry is not a new phenomenon, they actually have been there for years. However, the whole COVID-19 situation including the lockdown definitely accelerated the implementation of live streaming and on-demand content. Many fitness facilities were forced to replace their usual offering with digital classes which unleashed a quick change. It’s time to embrace the digital change.


There is a great chance that your members are not allowed into the gym yet, or at least not all of them. Therefore, it might be a good idea to decide to freeze the memberships of all your members if the gyms are still closed after a specific date. Your membership traffic should increase over time, but for now, you may have to get creative. How do you make up for the months you were closed?


Many of your members missed your gym just as much as you missed them, however… In order to regain trust and confidence, you will have to find different ways to get in touch with your members and show them how happy you are to welcome them back. But also, to assure them that you have followed all the rules. It is vital to reassure your members that you have done your homework.


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