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It’s Hammer Time

The possibilities are endless and tailored to your space!

Group training is a recurring theme in the fitness industry and particularly Small Group (Personal) Training (SGT/SGPT) has been gaining ground in recent years. Once again, a clearly visible trend this year is that of motivational workouts in a small, dedicated group led by an inspiring coach. Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment have become household names at many clubs and PT studios as a result of the versatility of the Life Fitness Brands. Life Fitness also offers various ready-made modules including a brand-new concept: The Official Hammer Strength Box.

The Hammer Strength Box; endless sports fun
This box offers the full package for a successful Small Group training setting. The concept allows you to create an energetic and motivating workout environment and is extremely well suited for workouts in small groups. The carefully composed modules consist of strength and cardio equipment combined with a wealth of accessories and will transform any room into an inspiring and multifunctional workout zone quickly and hassle-free.

You can compose your own spatial design, materials and workouts to create the ideal solution for the SGT offering at your club. The size can be adjusted to the available space at your club and you get to choose what materials and equipment you want to combine in this workout zone.

The possibilities are endless
The possibilities are endless and every centimetre of floor space is utilised with a great variety of floor options such as HIIT, sprint and barbell zones. Multiple box designs are available to match the look & feel of your gym. The Hammer Strength Box allows you to offer various training methods in one space, including: Individual training, Small Group Personal Training (SGPT), Functional Training, HIIT Training and the popular Cross-fit format. This will give your members a challenging, versatile and personal fitness experience.

SGT Modules
The Hammer Strength Box contains 3 training modules;
- Pure Power (Hammer Strength Module)
- Lift & Leap (Accessoires Module)
- Up / Down HIIT (Cardio Module)


Each SGT module is part of the training zone. The modules allow for 4 participants to work out in a particular section simultaneously, offering space for a total of 12 participants in a group session. Each section has a workout duration of 4 minutes after which participants switch sections. The cardio module offers participants an HIIT cardio experience, alternating between the SPARC and UpperCycle GX to provide both the lower and upper body with a considerable workout stimulus. The instructors will receive training by an LFA Master Trainer in order to implement the Hammer Strength Box into the club or studio as successfully as possible.

What is included in the package?
The Hammer Strength Box is a complete package that contains the following elements:

1. Product package
HD Atlethic Double Bridge
2x Sparc Trainer
2x Upper Cycle

2. Accessoires package
Dumbbel & Barbell set
Bumper Discs
Competition Kettlebells

3. Marketing package

Official Hammer Strength Box emblem
Online Marketing Materials
Offline Marketing Materials
Marketing manual
2D design

4. Opleiding package
1 day LFA at the club
6 months programming

Optional elements
Light & Sound

Our Official Hammer Strength Box designs follow the latest trends in interior design and translate them into a coherent concept for your fitness space – irrespective of the proposition or target group. Curious about our designs? The possibilities are endless. Gain inspiration here!

If there is one thing we have learned over the past decades, it is that an unforgettable experience motivates participants to keep going and push their boundaries. We can offer that at various levels, thanks to the proven and immensely popular SGT method and the combination with excellent Hammer Strength equipment.

One-time investment
The Hammer Strength Box is a one-time investment for club owners without any recurring costs. This includes a training package for your trainers where our experts prepare them for professional and motivating workouts. The package also includes all marketing materials you may need such as social media content, posters and emblems. The combination of appealing design, personal guidance, effective deployment of staff and optimal usage of your fitness space – including off-peak hours – makes this a top-notch essential addition to fitness clubs and PT Studios.

Are you curious about the possibilities for your club or studio?
The Official Hammer Strength Box is a ready-made solution. Let us unburden you and offer your members an unforgettable workout experience.



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