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Keep exercisers happy, make money, and know how your fitness equipment is running.


Limit downtime and save money.

Service technicians can remotely diagnose and resolve issues.
Detailed usage information gives you insights to extend the life of your equipment and make more informed purchases in the future.


Equipment Usage Insights

Swap out low-use equipment for more popular cardio.
Rotate equipment to extend the life of your cardio and create even trade-in value.

Are certain pieces used less at sunrise or sunset?

Consider installing blinds to make them more comfortable for exercisers.


Do recumbent bikes or cross-trainers get a lot of use at a certain hour?

Add a low-impact group training class at that time to provide variety for your exercisers.



Equipment Usage Insights Streamline Preventive Maintenance & Service Plans

Plan and set up preventive maintenance tasks and reminders.


Consoles running slower than normal?

Life Fitness service can remotely run diagnostic information and many times resolve the issue over the phone.



Improve Business

Use console touchscreens as a marketing space that highlights facility events, promotions and other news.
Insights into equipment use show when your facility is busy and when it is not, which helps guide staffing decisions.
Save energy with settings that automatically turn your equipment on during open hours and off when you close.

A fitness facility in England recently set up automatic on and off for its cardio equipment through Halo Fitness Cloud.

The result is a £10,000/year savings in staffing and utility costs.


Don’t Get Left Behind.


Your exercisers care.They are connected and expect that to continue when they work out.

Wearable technology’s rank on the ACSM list of top fitness trends

Where exercise apps rank on the ACSM list

Of Americans own a smartphone

People in the world use YouTube

Users of Spotify

Netflix Users

Digital technology isn’t going away and it’s essential to keep up with it.

Get Started.

Connecting your compatible cardio equipment to the internet enhances the exerciser experience, makes service easier and saves you money in the long run.


Digital Success Team

You don’t have to be an expert to connect, but there are nuances to consider. Our Digital Success Team can guide the way.

How to Connect

Follow our easy Five Steps for Optimal Cardio Connection guide to make sure your cardio is connected properly.


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