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Hammer Strength has been building athletes for 30 years. Not just elite athletes, but those determined to train like one.

It requires robust training equipment to withstand the most intense workouts and to help athletes achieve their goals. Hammer Strength moves the way the body should move and rewards hard work with results. Results that athletes around the world have been relying on for over thirty years.


The complete package for a successful Small Group Training setting.

Group training is a recurring theme in the fitness industry, but in recent years, Small Group Training has gained considerable ground. Motivational training sessions in a small, dedicated group led by an inspiring coach continue to be popular.

  • How do you ensure that the available space is attractive to members and has suitable equipment?
  • And that the equipment is then used correctly?
  • How is a fully occupied SGT zone optimally served by one trainer?
  • And how do you attract members to this zone outside class hours so that the space is not empty?

Our experts have developed a concept that responds to the nowadays indispensable Small Group Training philosophy that can also be found at successful boutique clubs. The Hammer Strength Box enables gyms to put together their space design, materials and training in such a way that it offers the ideal solution for their SGT range. Give members a challenging, versatile and personal experience.



All benefits of the Official Hammer Strength Box:

  • Stand-alone or Club-in-Club solution
  • Rugged performance strength training equipment
  • Proven training philosophy
  • Intensive training experience
  • Inspiring setting
  • Highly frequented training area
  • No re-occuring costs or licence fee
  • Including LFA course and programming
  • Marketing support
  • Recognized as official Hammer Strength Box

If we have learned anything in recent decades, it’s that an unforgettable experience motivates members to go further and push boundaries. Thanks to the proven and immensely popular SGT method, we can do that in combination with excellent Hammer Strength materials on all levels.



Whether you have an existing facility or want to open a new studio, there are a number of indispensable elements that ensure an unforgettable experience.

In addition to the versatile and solid Hammer Strength and Life Fitness equipment, components such as light, sound, flooring and the knowledge and skills of the trainers ensure that members will come back.


We’ll support a successful implementation of the Hammer Strength Box.

  • Social Media content
  • Print files for flyers, posters and banners
  • Official Hammer Strength plaque


A good floor needs to do more than just look good. We recommend differentiating per zone.

  • Hammer Strength freeweight flooring for the barbell area
  • Cardio flooring for the HIIT-zone
  • Sprint track for additional variety


A well thought out and easy to implement concept is key to a successful Small Group Training. Our experts prepare the trainers for professional and motivating workouts in the Hammer Strength Box.

  • Detailed programming
  • In-house training


Our Official Hammer Strength Box designs follow current trends in interior design and translate these into a coherent concept for your studio - regardless of your proposition or target group.

Get inspired here!


With the Official Hammer Strength Box you get a ready-made solution. Unburden yourself and offer your members an unforgettable training experience.


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